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Who We Are


The Patient Education Institute helps healthcare organizations inform and engage patients. We publish X-Plain®, the largest library of multimedia patient education software in the world.

X-Plain engages patients by providing interactive programs that run anywhere, anytime, and on any device,  including iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones.  X-Plain is designed to serve patients of diverse literacy levels. X-Plain simplifies information through multimedia and asks questions to verify understanding.  Healthcare institutions around the world implement X-Plain to improve health outcomes, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

Learn more about our new products:

  • X-Plain for EMR

    Customize and print discharge instructions based on diagnostic and procedural coding.

  • X-Plain for Patient Portals

    Offer patient-specific information for your members in four educational formats for each health topic.

  • X-Plain for Tablets

    Provide interactive media at any point of care without internet access with more than 1,500 topics to choose from.

  • X-Plain for Wellness

    Promote and improve employee health and track usage and completion for your metrics.

  • Our Approach to Patient Education

    Learn how X-Plain is designed to reach all patients regardless of their literacy level.

  • What Makes Us Unique?

    See what sets us apart from other patient education companies.